Nosy Iranja, Madagascar, Africa

Nosy Iranja, Madagascar, Africa
Credit: Mat_71

Nosy Iranja is a small tropical island located off the Northwestern coast of Madagascar, 45km (28 miles) South of Nosy Be, a slightly larger and more popular island.

Nosy Iranja consists of two islands that are connected by a bank of white sand only visible at low tide, but can still be traversed at high tide.

Nosy Iranja is emerging as a popular tourist destination in Madagascar due to the idyllic white sand beaches and the excellent diving and snorkeling that can be had there. Visitors also come for the interesting wildlife, including green and hawksbill sea turtles, large coconut crabs, and many varieties of bird life.

Nosy Iranja, Madagascar, Africa
Credit: Rodrigo Antonio
Nosy Iranja, Madagascar, Africa
Credit: MantaDiveClub

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  1. I love it!!! Beautiful. The waters are clear and the beaches white and it is just gorgeous and amazing. That would be an awesome summer vacation. :)

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