Mono Lake, California, USA

Mono Lake, California
Credit: Dan Smith

In Mono County, California, just Northeast of Yosemite National Park, lies a fascinating 760,000 year old saline lake. Mono Lake has no outlet to the ocean, and has become very salty and alkaline.

The most notable feature of Mono Lake is it strange tufa formations, giving the lake an other worldly or moon-like quality. The tufa at Mono Lake are limestone formations that were once underwater but have slowly been exposed as the lake’s water evaporated. Tufa deposits are also found at Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.

5 thoughts on “Mono Lake, California, USA

  1. wow!!!!
    I’ve never seen anything like this place, it’s amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sage Parker

  2. OMG.
    I wish I to be there. Right away.
    Hard to believe that this is our planet.
    Looks like Mars (red photo).
    Where are aliens by the way? :)

    Lot of thanks for sharing.

    Toronto, Canada

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