Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lake, Croatia
Credit: Jack Brauer

The stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park lies in the Lika region of Croatia. The park is surrounded by the mountains Plješevica, Mala Kapela, and Medveđak, which are part of the Dinaric Alps.

The 16 blue-green Plitvice Lakes, which are separated by natural dams of travertine, are situated on the Plitvice plateau.

Waterfalls connect the lakes, and the tallest waterfall is Veliki Slap at 70 meters (230 feet) tall.

The Plitvice lakes area boasts a large variety of interesting and colorful flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy walking and hiking the many pathways and trails, or exploring the lakes by boat.

The park itself has 3 hotels and a campsite, otherwise visitors can find accommodation at any of the number of villages and cities nearby.

Plitvice Lake, Croatia
Credit: Jack Brauer
Plitvice Falls, Croatia
Credit: Jack Brauer

294 thoughts on “Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

  1. I just “Stumbled” to your site. What a joy, i actually visited these Lakes over 30 years ago…when it was still communist Yugoslavia. It was a majestic experience that I have not thought about in years.

    Thanks you so much for bringing back wonderful memories!

  2. These are truly amazing pictures. Indeed nature has given us lots to savour and be proud about. Let’s keep this world green.

  3. In nature it is even more beautiful…

    No , it is forbiten. They keep it clean and out of people hands. That is why yoz can see fishes and other-watter-stuffs in huge number too.
    You should be ashamed. Croatia and other Balkan countries have many good sights to visit, but they don t use aggressive marketing to atract tourists, which is good part :)

  4. Yes, indeed, nature as a fairy tale. I looked at the pictures and publish as if they had just arrived there from yesterday. I advise everyone to visit, there kakayato magic in this place

  5. Really, that’s the most wonderful place have ever seen! I love it, that’s real heaven!

  6. I’ve been there while on a motorbiking trip. It’s really unbelievable once you’re there. You can walk around the park for a whole day and not see the same thing twice.

  7. The Plitvice Lakes incident of March 1991 (known in Croatian as “Plitvice Bloody Easter”) was an incident at the beginning of the Croatian War of Independence. It was a clash between heavily armed Croatian policemen and special police (the Croatian army was still being formed and organized at that time), the forces aiming to create the independent Republic of Croatia, and lightly armed Serbs, supported by Belgrade and the Yugoslav People’s Army. A 22 year old Josip Jović from Aržani, Croatia, the first victim of the Homeland War, was killed in an action against Serbian terrorists on Plitvice. Today, it’s a symbol of the Croatian fight for freedom and homeland and contains a memorial of the first Croatian man to fall in a battle for his homeland in the war.

  8. This is indeed one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and this si coming from someone who routinely watches the Planet Earth Blu Ray. Would be epic if we could get wallpapers of these pictures especially the first one.

  9. of course its photoshoped mark… you think the film photographer of days gone by just poped on down to the wallmart and dropped his film off thinking “hm, we’ll see what happens”… no.

    They spent hours toiling away in a dark room, trying to get the print just the way they wanted… the process today has simply been digitized, the personal computer is the digital dark room.. welcome to the 21st century

  10. I must visit there someday. 10+ years ago i had an offer to work in Croatia, but it was too soon after the war so I went to the Czech Republic.

  11. awesome, ill go there after i go to RORAIMA! you should all check it out greatest place on earth!

  12. that is so beautiful. i would love to visit and take some pictures. i would also want to swim in it :] thanks for showing these lovely pictures of art.

  13. For all you swimmers you should visit another croatian national park, google for “waterfalls of krka” it’s not far away from plitvice lakes. :)

    Pozdrav svima ;)

  14. I live in Croatia,and I have to say,I’ve been there couple of times and it is absolutely fantastic,and for all of you who think that it’s photoshoped you don’t know what you are saying,everything looks a bit different on a photo,so don’t judge but come and see for yourself.
    Big kiss from Cro :))))

  15. awesome photographs! and very nice place, how I wish I could get there some time. great site to take pictures!

  16. I’m going to Croatia for my hols this year, will have to add this to my sightseeing plans……

  17. beautiful places produce beautiful people..i’ve met 2 croation people in my life and both have beautiful souls

  18. stumbled upon these pictures.
    amaziiiing, the water looks surreal.
    absolutely beautiful :)

  19. i have been here, i stop into croatia before driving into bosnia ever summer i go visit my family in bosnia! i always take a day or two to stop here!!
    a must see!!
    its even more beautiful then the pictures!!

  20. The pictures don’t do this place justice. I went there in 1987, following my parents, and had no idea what it was. I’ve traveled a lot and this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  21. Lovely! I did travel to Croatia many years ago, but never went to that park… great shots!

  22. I have to say, I’ve seen a few ‘shops in my day and this is one of them. I can tell from the pixels

  23. To everyone who thinks this is photoshoped – it is not. Some of the pictures are taken with slow shutter speed but other then that these are 100% genuine.

  24. Hrvatska! It is so beautiful. The entire country is really just a stunning experience. Great people, food, sights and culture.

  25. This is so beautiful! Are you able to swim in the pools? Why is it people don’t appreciate the world’s beauty enough?

  26. It takes a long time to Croatian people to unmine this place from bombs that Serbians put there during the war.

    And no :D :D :D the water isn’t cold, it is perfect to swim, but it’s forbid, and that way is better. As Saff said, you can go swim in “Krka”, where is really beautiful too.



  27. Wow! this is like what we see in dreams… magical… adding it to my list of places to visit! thanks a lots!

  28. Wonders of the world. A place for peace and transquility. Simply looking at it relases the mind. I would like a visit one day

  29. OMG, there is so much beauty in this world. Now i want to visit croatia…. it’s AMAZING.

  30. I’d love to live near there, be able to wander over for a picnic and a quick swim in the summer time. If it’s closed to these activities, that’s understandable, but unfortunate at the same time. Still, a girl can dream…

  31. Been there, it is as marvellous as in the pictures! Croatia has many beautiful spots, but this is one of it’s greatest wonders.

  32. I was on Plitvice lakes this winter. The waterfalls were frozen just like on the picture. Actually, I was on photomaraton. Many photographers find Plitvice inspiring, so you must admit that there is no Photoshop who can create this beauty !
    That week I was feeling like a snow queen. So beautiful nature, woods, snow, delicious food and fascinating legends about lakes. Local people are so kind and there is some ski center too.
    So perfect and so close to coast. You must visit this country. Croatia is full of surprises !!

  33. cool, stumbled upon this and i’ve been there 2 years ago in the summer :D The water is so clear! And the hotel nearby is also a old communist era building, which stands in quite a nice contrast with the rest of the area oh and it has a good restaurant. Go when you have the chance!

  34. Please…..NO BODY try to DESTROY this AMAZING NATURE !
    then only we can feel those more further.TRY to PROTECT our NATURE…

  35. Hey, i like there, i think i can go there for a holiday. I hope there will stay as in the photos till i will go.

  36. eh, I’ve seen better. I mean come on , it’s not like any of you have never seen flowing water or trees before. I bet everyone jumps up and down at a park when it starts to rain……. and then you take a hundred pictures , make a blog and spend a good time of your life telling everyone how amazing that experience was. to answer those who may be wondering, YES! I have nothing better to do but write a completely pointless comment for these awesome pictures.

  37. Just some days I came back from Croatia. We traveled to Plitvice lakes too. It was amazing! Indeed, it is the Paradies on the Earth!
    I like Croatia and wish this country a great future!

  38. This is my home country and I am very proud of it!
    Still not too many tourists about which is great.

  39. thank you all for saying such beautiful things about my country.. its so much more..

  40. Stunning pictures…I want to be there, I’m going to visit it one of these days, hell yeah…

  41. Wow some stunning places there. I’ll be going to Croatia!!! Glad i stumbled upon your site! Thanks!

  42. I’ve been there! it’s amazing! the Heaven! even if full of stupid tourists, including me :D

  43. Just fricken gorgeous… it’s like a dream into reality.. I wish I could just be there with the perfect guy in the perfect season. *sigh*

  44. Green is NATURE. ! this kind of scenery is not just for a glance, We should keep its natural views. A virgin Forest Falls.. How lovely…HYped.!

  45. Those are beautiful photos. I only wish I could see them in real life. Even if I don’t get to see these magnficent places I’m at least I will have seen them through the lens of another camera person.

  46. :) :) i’m from croatia and i visited plitvice lakes this year for the first time..i couldn’t even imagine how beautiful it is there! i saw many pictures, but in real life it’s a thousand times better and more beautiful!!!
    i walked there for 3 hours and i didn’t saw all the lakes and waterfalls! it’s heaven on earth! the water has a beautiful turquise colour and you can see lots of fishes and ducks swimming in it! :)
    and for those who think these photos are photoshoped- even if they are, in real life plitvice lakes are much prettier than on the photos!
    i wish i could live there :)

  47. great places…. How wonderfull… The creator is an awesome God….!! Damn like this!!!! Wanna be there…. Wish me…:)

  48. I was also here many years ago during the communist era. It was one of the most beautiful places I have been and I would love to go back. I often think about it.

  49. Wow! Those are gorgeous photos! I was just in Croatia in May and was planning on going to Plitvice National Park but ran out of time. Now I really wish I had made it. Oh well, next time!


  50. wooow ..
    i like this place very much .
    I hope to visit this beautiful place

    Give thanks to God for these blessings

  51. Yes, indeed, nature as a fairy tale. I looked at the pictures and publish as if they had just arrived there from yesterday. I advise everyone to visit, there kakayato magic in this place

  52. I am from Croatia. I’ve been to Plitvice two times and I hope I will again visit this beautiful place in the future. Nobody can imagine how the whole place looks like before they come and see it. I am so proud that Croatia has beautiful nature and so many miracles like this one…Photos are definitely not manipulated and those who don’t believe, they can find other pictures on the Internet and they will see that some of these pictures are actually some of the famous sceneries of the park…

    Pozdrav from Croatia!

  53. I’ve been there 3times before and I must say it is very nice place. Everything is so beautifull. If you are ever in Croatia this is one of the places you must visit. Other ones are Krka falls near Vodice, Kornati islands …

  54. I was here , only I can cay is- GREAT NATURE, must come and see this. I don t know what time is better to come and visit , summer or winter..

  55. I wish we had that in our planet.. I wanna visit earth again someday.. then I will go there..

  56. Wow that is an amazing place!!!!!!!!! I have to put that on my bucket list to go there someday!!! It looks like a heaven on earth!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I will got there someday!!! I am going to swim in it wether you like it or not!!!!!! Hallajiuah!!!!!

  57. Wow!!!!!!! That must be one of the most beautiful places on the map. I can’t beleive that someone actually got those pictures! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Wow! Hard to pick a favorite pic. What a beautiful place. I am adding it to the places I want to visit!

    1. Yes, those pictures are for real.Not only I saw them, I LIVED there, so believe me, Plitvice Lakes should be added to your ‘to do list”..:)

  59. I was there on Summer 2000. I was one of the warmest Summers and it was verry dry. It wasn’t as much water as on the photos but still it was amazing experience! It is worth to go and see!

  60. wow! such a beautiful place..with everything thats going on around the world..this is definitely the best place to be.. :)

  61. Wow these are beautiful photos! I really need to figure out how to photograph waterfalls like this, would improve my pics alot!

  62. Yeah, I’ve been there too! It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL! But no, you cannot swim there; there are animals in the water, not alligators or crocodiles, but I think there are snakes~ It was one of my favourite places to visit when I went to Croatia. There’s also this cave that you can explore :)

  63. Great shots from a great country. I was there in 2006 and it brought back a great many memories. Thank you

  64. Snakes, Elica06? I’ll bet they’re stunningly beautiful snakes whose venom delivers ecstasy before it kills. What extraordinary pictures!

  65. Beautiful pictures! This place is really breathtaking. I write a travel blog and I definitely want to visit this place soon!

  66. These are prettier than some people give it credit for! Great Pics! I personally love travel and love to find travel deals!

  67. ..been there (in Plitvice) a few years ago and had a great time..if you value and “feel” nature a’d think you were in’s one of a kind..and whatever I say here would not describe the beauties there enough.. The lakes are amazing, the waterfalls, the color of the water itself, the’s simply amazing.. you just have to see it with your own two Offcourse while you’re there there are a ton of great similar places to visit..but non other compares to this one..

  68. Camping there would be amazing. so tranquil and peaceful. I am adding this one to my travel wishlist. The photography was amazing and I can’t wait to get a chance to snap a couple myself.

  69. LOOK AT THE FIRST PICTURE! It is EXACTLY like that scene from Narnia where the kids and beavers are crossing the melting river!

  70. This is crazy beautiful. When is the best time of year to go here? Are they on the same season schedule as we are in the states? I saw falls like this in Jamaica but they were man made. In one of the pictures I can see a lot of people. How are the accommodations?

    1. There are four seasons here in Croatia, and the Plitivice lakes are beautiful in each season. But the best time to visit is May – July. As for accommodation,let me know if you need any help.

      1. I would love t visit the lakes in July this year. where is best to stay and what is the best way to get there? Which airport should i fly to?
        Sorry for all the questions, i saw these pictures today and really want to go!!! but i know nothing about the lakes

    2. I traveled here in May. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I didn’t even know it was possible for a place like this to exist. Get there early and start (when you’re looking at the map) on the trails on the left side, I believe it’s the second entrance. The tourists begin on the right and it can get very crowded as the day carries on. I took a 2 hour bus ride from Zagreb. But I suggest May, my friends have gone other times, like a month later or two later, and things didn’t seem as green, I don’t know why. But, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect time. If you go, have a wonderful time!

    3. I am from Plitvice lakes National park and the best time to visit them is spring…april, may…Summer months are way to crowded, 10000 visitors per day and it’s really hard to walk these wooden bridges (trails)…You have to wait for the boat, you have to wait for panoramic bus….But, even that is no problem if you’re willing to walk around all of 16 lakes on foot, and btw, that’s the best way to experience them.You can book hotels,private accomodation etc…if you ever decide to come,let me know and I’ll find you proper accomodation- Best wishes!

      1. Hi would like to visit in May and would like to know about accommodation please, what are the hotels called?

      2. Hey me and three other friends are lookin to visit in mid August. We’re backpacking across Europe and this is where we want to end on! We want to camp if thats possible so if you have any reccomendations that would be great! also, what airport would be the closest to leave from to get home to Ireland? Thanks a bunch!

      3. I will visit the park at the end of the month and I would like to know which trail (sightseeing program) do you recommend me to do


      4. Hi I am planning a trip to lake plitvice in July. I saw your note about help with planning and hotels – I am just starting my research. can you recommend an itenerary and hotels please.

  71. i saw this on a nature film i think. the treavertine is there because it is one of the most alkaline water systems in the world, if a stick falls in it gets coated with 1 cm of rock in year, so it has very special fauna and flora, the nature film was mostly subaquatic footage.

  72. Wow gorgeous pictures! Really makes me want to go there ASAP! All this time I’ve spent here I’m Cro and I’ve still never been, will definitely be planning a trip soon!

  73. Amazing pictures! I love Croatia, since it’s where my family is from, but I have yet to go here. Thanks for the inspiration.

  74. These photos are absolutely amazing! I first saw the beauty of Croatia after visiting but before then, I had no idea of what the country had to offer. Thanks!

  75. These photos are absolutely amazing! I first saw the beauty of Croatia after visiting TravelExplosion but before then, I had no idea of what the country had to offer. Thanks!

  76. Wow, really amazing pictures of such a great natural wonder. I was just 200km away of this wonderful national park but didn’t visit it, unfortunately. Maybe next time!

  77. Will be putting this on my must see list, those photo’s are absolutely beautiful. Are you able to visit in the winter?

  78. That’s a really beautiful place! It reminds me a little of the amazon I visited past year in a tour to South america

  79. We love the pictures and waterfalls. Is anyone allowed to swim in the lakes and go under some of the waterfalls. Where are the best hotels or villages to stay in and what airport is the best one to fly to? Would it be best to hire a car or is the public transport good? Whats the weather temps like around May – June and whats the night life like in the area? Sorry for all the questions but we would really love to go here.

  80. Oh wow. That is just beautiful! The picture of that lake is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Beautiful!

  81. Unimaginable pictures of waterfalls, thanks for sharing the great information which is really helpful to the traveling people.

  82. OMG! The Plitvice Lakes National Park is truly amazing, do you take all of those photo yourself? I must go to that place in this year.

    Thank you

  83. Beautiful pictures! Like them a lot.
    I suppose Jack Brauer has spent a lot of time there!
    carlo alberto

  84. @orla – no, You are not allowed to swim in them… but You definitely need to visit them while beeing in Croatia. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Pictures are really nice, but in reallife it looks even more incredible.

  85. WoW!!! Awesome Natural beauty that everyone want to see … I wish i could be there to see this from my own eyes……

  86. Amazing waterfalls! Waterfall have always been one of my weaknesses. Whenever I visit one, I tend to stand and look at the flowing water for a long time. I just love them.

  87. wow! amazing place. real wonder of nature. i’m impressed by the winter view and beautiful waterfall.

  88. WOW!!!! SO beautiful. Thank you for the pictures would never know about it if I did not see them. I will have to go one day.

  89. Wow, i really have to make my way to Croatia. Sounds amazing. I’ll think it will be added to one of my future trips! Thanks for the post.

  90. truly amazing view.. i think moment of silent is need to enjoy this.. i really love the panorama.. thank for sharing

  91. Great post and beautiful photos! We’re backpacking through Europe and were just there! It’s just fantastic! Luckily we were wearing our Goretex boots as part of the trail is through a good bit of water! Fantastic experience!

  92. so beautiful, i visited it three times and am ready to visit them again and again when ever i have time, and in all four seasons. This a goursious

  93. I was just here!

    It’s worth noting the Krk national park (same price as entry, but a lot smaller) allows you to swim in the waterfalls. None-the-less, beautiful post!

  94. Croatias also known as national park very nice attraction to visit PLITVICE LAKE. The chain of lakes are connected by small waterfalls and are very beautiful. To see most of the lake system requires much up and down walking on stair steps and paths, however. This attraction will be very crowded in some places, but is large and the crowd will eventually spread out on the trails . Well worth seeing.. :)

  95. Heaven like peace after visiting the photo scenery and when we will do onsite seen then we would be very excited of course.Nature beauty make us fill heaven on the ground.

  96. Absolutely stunning! I need to go there and escape this snow that we are experiencing in Michigan right now. :)

  97. Absolutely stunning photos. We are looking forward to visiting Croatia for the first time in September. Your post has made us add Plitvice Lakes National Park, thank you for sharing

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