Gullfoss (Golden Falls), Iceland

Gullfoss, Iceland
Credit: Haukur H.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland, the Gullfoss is a 2-tiered waterfall with a total height of 32m (105ft).

Also known as the Golden Falls, the Gullfoss is part of the Hvítá river.

Nearby attractions include the Haukadalur geysers and Þingvellir national park. Together, these 3 sites are called the Golden Circle.

Because of the popularity of the falls there is hotel accommodation nearby, but most visitors opt to stay in Reykjavík and visit the falls on the Golden Circle day trip.

Gullfoss, Iceland
Credit: o palsson
Gullfoss, Iceland
Credit: Martinca
Gullfoss, Iceland
Credit: Dori Sig
Gullfoss, Iceland
Credit: The Rusty Projector
Gullfoss, Iceland
Credit: Frokor
Gullfoss, Iceland
Credit: racoles
Gullfoss, Iceland

3 thoughts on “Gullfoss (Golden Falls), Iceland

  1. Beautiful pictures. I visited Europe last year. I saw Gullfoss – Iceland and Giessbach Waterfalls. This are amazing places. Everyone should visit them.

  2. I became acquainted with a young lady that lives in Reykjavik Iceland and since that time I have studied much on Iceland and it’s people.

    The landscapes in Iceland are unique in the entire world and are extraordinary in their magnificent beauty. I have been astounded at the unusual beauty there that borders on the surreal and otherworldly.
    The variety there is truly amazing; nothing exists like it in the world.

    Iceland has been called the Eighth Wonder of the World and I agree !!!
    ~~~ Chuck Schoon

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