Disko Bay, Greenland

Disko Bay, Greenland

Remote but absolutely breathtaking, Disko Bay off the Western coast of Greenland is poised to become a popular arctic vacation destination. Travelers to Disko Bay enjoy boat and kayak whale watching trips among the icebergs, year-round dog sledding, and spectacular hiking excursions. The area has very warm summers for Greenland, with temperatures reaching up to 27° Celsius (80° Fahrenheit). The nearby town of Qasigiannguit features Greenland’s oldest wooden house, now the town’s museum. The museum has a permanent collection of artifacts from various prehistoric cultures from the area, dating as far back as 2400 BCE.

Disko Bay, Qasigiannguit, Greenland



    with a name like DISKO BAY it has to be good, i’m putting on my arctic bell bottoms and getting groovy with the glaciers before they melt. HOT DAMN DISKO BAY

  2. lalitkumar nathvani

    Thanks, Expertised Photography, Astoning Selections of Sights..th again

  3. Grace @ Green Global Travel

    Ah it looks beautiful! It does have a great name as well :)

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