Venice, Italy

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Venice, Italy

Credit: Jason

Ah, Venice, a favorite destination for romantics for centuries, this Italian town is known for its canals, gondolas, and Saint Mark’s Basilica. The city is so amazing it’s even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Venetian sights not to be missed include the Grand Canal, Saint Mark’s Basilica and Square, Academia, and the Rialto Bridge. Venice is a good sized town with a population of over 270,000. All ranges of accommodation and any dish you desire can be found in this enchanting town. So grab your amore and visit beautiful Venice!

Rio di San Barnaba - Venice, Italy

Credit: MorBCN

Rialto Bridge Grand Canal - Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Burano -  Venice, Italy

Credit: dachalan

Basilica di San Marco (Saint Mark's Basilica) - Venice, Italy

Rialto - Venice, Italy

Credit: janusz l

Venice, Italy

Credit: MorBCN

Venice, Italy

Credit: Michal Sabala

Venice, Italy

Credit: scheng_fui


  1. I have watched so many movies where Venice is featured in it. Like people all over the world, I agree that Venice is the most romantic place in the world. And the dream land for honeymoon couples! :)

  2. It’s my dream place to see. The most romantic place one could ever imagine. I wish somebody is kind enough to invite me to go there for once in my life time.

  3. I liked these pictures but a little too many of them were HDR. Would be nice to see some “normal” pictures as well.

  4. It’s my dream place to see. The most romantic place one could ever imagine. I wish somebody is kind enough to invite me to go there for once in my life time.

  5. i was there once and i was a little dissapointed :( i expected much more.. the water was dirty and a little stinky :/ but i saw just a small part of venice..
    i would like to travel there again and see other parts of the city.

  6. venice is a sight to behold. when walking the cobble stone roads and flowing down the man-made canals on a gondola…you feel like you can lose yourself in a beautiful city and love every minute of it.
    the people are friendly and are mindful of tourists. the food is out of this world and authentic (like it would be anything else).

    i highly recommend to everyone to take some time out of their busy lives and take a pause in venice…it’s worth the journey[8

    - maile.

  7. Amazing! I love it!! haha. lol

  8. Love Venice, and love all the photos. For anyone’s information, the canals are not man-made. Starting in the year about 500 AD, Venice was slowly built upon 118 islands. Venice sits in a lagoon and the canals always ran between the islands.

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  10. it is nice city

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